Already rooted and packed with energy from the Israeli sun, “Sunshine” Ornithogalum dubium is a new bright way to sell flower bulbs. “Sunshine” Ornithogalum dubium is a high-quality, virus-free plant that’s easy to maintain and has a long shelf life. With over 25 florets on each stalk, “Sunshine” brightens up any room suffering from a lack of light.

 Growing Information

Plant Name:                  Ornithogalum dubium (from the Hyacinthaceae family)
Color:                              Orange, Yellow, White, Pink
Delivery:                         Mid. October – Begin. March (weeks 42-09)
Temperature:               Day: 18˚ – 23˚ C  Night: 7˚ – 12˚ C
Growth Regulator:      Doesn’t require regulator in areas with high light intensity. In lack of light, use Bonzi (paclobutrazol).
Storage:                          Flowering potted plants can be at 2˚-4˚ C prior to marketing.


How to grow Ornithogalum Dubium as Cut Flower

How to grow Ornithogalum Dubium as Pot Plant