Asa Flower Bulbs is a family-run nursery that cultivates and breeds a wide variety of high-quality flower bulbs.
Set in the Bitzaron agricultural community, about half an hour south of Tel Aviv,
Asa Flower Bulbs is one of Israel’s leading growers of flower bulbs.

Founded in 1971, the nursery’s main product was initially Narcissus bulbs. Today, greenhouses, shade netting
and open fields are used to grow several varieties of Narcissus from the Tazetta group, Ornithogalum dubium,
Ranunculus, Scilla peruviana, Leucojum aestivum, Allium silver spring and others.

In the past fourthy years, Asa Flower Bulbs has developed into a nursery that introduces new varieties, which are developed through careful breeding and selection processes.

We were the first to cultivate the South African Ornithogalum dubium, making it a sought-after variety worldwide. Asa Flower Bulbs remains the main supplier of these bulbs for flower growers and nurseries, exporting to Europe, the US, Japan and South America.

In recent years, Asa Flower Bulbs has focused on cultivating varieties indigenous to Israel: Allium aschersonianum and silver spring, Scilla hyacinthoides, Cyclamen persicum and Hyacinthus orientalis, among others.



Asa Flower Bulbs products are processed in modern packing houses, preparing them for distribution according to high international standards.