How to grow Scilla Peruviana Toggle

Growing protocol – Scilla Peruviana

Storage temp of dry bulb in a ventilation area of 20C

The protocol starts after planting the bulbs in the pot!

Growing stage is about 4 months.

No Chilling time and no Forcing time are needed – the bulbs already forced.

Number of bulbs Per Pot

One bulb size 15/+ in a 13-15cm pot.

Basic Culture

    1. Light Intensity
      Full sun.
      This crop need high light intensity with growth regulator to keep the leaves and flower compact for having a long shelf life.
      No need the greenhouse to be warm.
      Avoid freezing temp.
      Gap between day-night temp is needed
      Planting the bulbs from October for having the finish pot plants from February.
      During initial stage the temp should be around 9-12C degrees mainly for rooting.
      After about a month you should increase the temp till about 12-14C depend on light density.
      Increasing the temp with no additional light will cause etiolate and elongated leaves with long flower stem.
    2. Watering
      Constantly not too wet.
    3. Planting
      Cover the bulbs with at least 1 cm’ of planting media.
      Do not plant near pot border.
      When bulbs already start sprouting, don’t cover most of the sprouting.
    4. Fertility
      Fertilization N.P.K. Ratio 2:1:2 N – level 70-130 ppm according to plant and soil analyses, or following planting, fertilize through the irrigation system with a 7-3-7 fertilizer at the rate of 1 Kg per 1,000 L. of water.
      PH of irrigated water should be 6 to prevent bacterial wilt outbreak.
    5. Growing Media
      Well drained planting medium
    6. Disease and Pests
    7. Growth regulator

      • First spraying when the leaves are about 5cm – Bonzy: 15ppm
        [ Optional more treatment after the first if the leaves continue to elongate. ]
      • Second spraying when you see the bud coming from the leaves( important to spray when the bud is still deep inside and not out)
        Bonzy: 90ppm