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Growing Narcissus Paperwhite

Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival, before starting the protocol, it is necessary to put the bulbs in exactly 25C in a well ventilation area.
Putting the bulbs in 25C from harvesting till forcing ensures at least 2 flowers stems per bulb.

Forcing :

Force the dry bulbs at 17C for 3 weeks.
Insure that the humidity will not be more then70% to prevent rooting in the cooling room. If yes, plant the bulbs immediately.
Week36 is the earliest time for planting forced bulbs.

Greenhouse Phase:

Planting: Use a well drained, PH 5.5-6, sterilized planting medium.
Plant 3 bulbs in a 12cm diameter pot, 5 bulbs in a 15cm diameter pot, or 7 to 9 bulbs in an 18-19cm diameter bulb pan.

Spacing on Bench: Grow plants pot to pot.

Watering: Keep the planting medium moist, but not over watered.

Light: Use a medium (greater than 2500 foot candles) light intensity greenhouse.

Temperature: Use 10-12C night and 18-20C day temperature greenhouse.
Lower temperature can be used, but the plants take longer to reach the market stage.
Normally, this is 3 to 5 weeks.

Ventilation: Use a well ventilation greenhouse.

Fertilization: Plants are fed on a constant basis with a solution of 14-5-14 at a rate of 1 lb. per 100 gal. water. Phosphoric acid was added at a rate of 1 to 1 1/2 oz. per 100 gal. to provide an irrigation pH of approximately 5.5.

Diseases and insects: Normally, diseases and insects are not a problem. However, forcers should always inspect for Botrytis and Aphids.

Marketing, Storage and Transportation

Forces: The flowers should be marketed when the shoots are 20-25cm tall, the floral stalks are visible, but the flowers are not open.
To store plants, place at 5C.

Wholesalers and Retailers: market “paperwhite” in the “bud” stage of development. This ensures the consumer will receive maximum satisfaction of the flowering potted plant.

Flower timing:

  1. Early flowering:
    15th August – Forcing the dry bulbs at 17C for 3 weeks
    1st September – planting the forced bulbs
    Mid-End October – flowering time (approximately 45 days in greenhouse)


  1. Christmas flowering:
    1st October – Forcing the dry bulbs at 17C for 2 weeks
    15th October – planting the forced bulbs
    Mid November – Flowering time (approximately 30 days in greenhouse) 
  1. Late flowering:
    Bulbs can be planted also after January however for late planting it is necessary at beginning of September to increase the temp of the stored bulbs from 25C to 30C.