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Growing Leucojum aestivum gravetye giant

Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival, before starting the protocol, it is necessary to put the bulbs in 20C in a well ventilation area.

Forcing period :

The protocol starts after planting the bulbs in a pot!
Earliest time is beginning of October.
Generally, the first 5-6 weeks at 9 degrees C are mainly for having good root system.
During the period the bulbs will start sprouting, don’t let them sprout more then 2-3cm
If yes, continue to the next step.

Forcing of  9-10 weeks of chilling at1-2 degrees C.
It will ensure stopping the sprouting.


This phase of 15 weeks has to be in a cooling room, however, in greenhouse with no heating during winter time can archive approximately the same temp.

Then with the small density of light which might be in the greenhouse, we might increase in a parallel way the temp accordingly and finish the protocol earlier.

Greenhouse Phase:

After finishing the forcing period (about 15 weeks) take out the pots to the greenhouse for a continuing growing of 4 weeks.
Use 10-12C night and 18-20C day temperature greenhouse

Basic Culture:

Planting: Use a well drained, PH 5.5-6, sterilized planting medium.
Plant 3-4 bulbs in a 10-12cm diameter pot, 5 bulbs in a 15cm diameter pot, or 7 to 9 bulbs in an 18-19cm diameter bulb pan.

Spacing on Bench: Grow plants pot to pot.

Watering: Keep the planting medium moist, but not over watered.

Light: Use a medium (greater than 2500 foot candles) light intensity greenhouse.

Temperature: Use 10-12C night and 18-20C day temperature greenhouse.
Lower temperature can be used, but the plants take longer to reach the market stage.
Normally, this is 3 to 5 weeks.

Ventilation: Use a well ventilation greenhouse.

Fertilization: Plants are fed on a constant basis with a solution of 7-3-5 (“Shefer1”),ICL fertilizer in concentration 2 ml/L.

Diseases and insects: Normally, diseases and insects are not a problem. However, forcers should always inspect for Botrytis and Aphids.